A 104 degree afternoon in south Austin proved to be the perfect setting for another John Mueller / Shaggybevo food party. A big crowd of cooks and eaters showed up at this semi-private event to celebrate our good lives here in the great state of Texas.

Ice cold Saint Arnold’s Beer and Deep Eddy Vodka flowed like water till the crowd got rowdied up and ready for the coup de grace: an enormous steer that had been gutted and split, then splayed out over an open fire since bright and early this morning. Of course during the ramp-up to the main course, the men from the Shaggybevo crew put out giant kettles of queso, gumbo, pinto beans, chips and salsa, grilled shrimp, shrimp diablo, mac and cheese, smoked marrow bones and a big batch of slow cooked barbacoa served on flour tortillas that had at least a quarter cup of manteca per tortilla.

Every bite was top flight.

Addie Broyles came prancing through for a minute looking fine as Hell too. Wolf whistles marked her entrance as well as her exit but she pretended to not even notice.

About then, a hush fell over the crowd as Mueller and a couple helpers wrestled half the steer off the pit and slammed it onto the cutting table. At that point it turned into an old fashioned picking party. Everybody just set upon the beast and began tearing at the creature with ravenous cries. It was quite the scene.

There were crispy charred bits, succulent fatty bits, crusty dry bits, bloody rare bits, and my favorite; right near the spinal column-buttery beefy strands that just sort of tumbled off the vertebrae of the creature.

I would’ve loved to have had the carcass to make a stock but people were strutting off holding the giant bones over their heads like crude barbecue party trophies. One gal was letting her toddler gnaw off a bone that was a good 2 feet long.

Texas forever.

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