As soon as news broke that the feds were in town and detonating explosives to bust down the doors of a popular restaurant family in south Austin we began marshalling our reserves to get an article up.

The last time a food/crime story broke this hard was last summer when the brisket bandit saga exploded across Austin’s consciousness. While we generally confine our coverage to barbecue, Tex Mex and soul food, the tale of Jovita’s Cantina’s alleged involvement in the Texas Syndicate demanded our full attention. Here are our weekly top 5 Austin, Texas food stories.

1} Black tar heroin being sold out of Jovita’s Cantina? We find it unthinkable but law enforcement descended on the popular south Austin Tex-Mex restaurant and started cuffing and stuffing people left and right. Our immediate take

2} More tales from the Texas barbecue trail

3} Tiffany Harelik joins forces with the Long Center For The Performing Arts to throw a monthly food truck party starting in July. Will there be any hard-working, middle aged Mexican ladies there pressing out genuine tortillas or will it be a bunch of guys with meat cleaver tattoos vending sous vide banh mi to the lilting sounds of New York Dolls?–Royal-Fig-Teamup

4} Cheap craft cocktails always get our attention

5} 39 years of flat top burgers and waitresses in support hose

thanks for all the attention y’all. We set a daily traffic record last week via the magical combination of queso and heroin.

last week’s top 5

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