I have a rich history with this room from years of patronage at the Parlor. The Parlor would never win any awards for their thick, dough bomb pizzas, but their live music booking was superb. Particularly, their recognition of the future stardom of Scott Biram when he was just getting started with his dirty ol one man band gimmick. A decade ago, each Monday night meant one thing: hard drinking and hell raising at Biram’s Monday night residency {an excellent precursor to Miguel’s La Bodega’s now legendary Tuesday night Upscale Hip Hop nights} at the Parlor. All good things come to pass and the Parlor has now been replaced by a classic neighborhood corner bar; The Workhorse.

Through judicious planning The Workhorse has wedged fifty taps onto their bar wall as well as a full liquor bar. There’s a tiny kitchen off to one side but I have yet to sample the chow. The crowd is that curious mix of North Loop residents; grown men out for a night on the town in shower shoes, punk rock leaning girls who favor the fashion stylings of Poly Styrene, computer industry-looking folks who’ve wandered in from nearby Drink Well, and the occasional blue collar guy in paint spackled Dickies with a tape measure riveted to his belt.

My kind of scene.

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