An idea whose time has come. On the final Tuesday of each month, starting in July, the Long Center for the Performing Arts will host an Austin Texas food truck party on their grounds.

It’ll be interesting to see which food trucks will be selected for this affair. Obviously, Peached Tortilla and the Seedling truck will be at the events, since they’re members of the team throwing the affair but who else will be vending? We’d love to see La Fogata’s taquera Lupita selling her divine barbacoa tacos on homemade tortillas

and we’re madly in love with taquera Maria of La Canaria. Scratch posole while watching over the thousands of hound dogs and children cavorting on the grounds? We could get behind that.

There can be only one queen of Austin Texas Mexican food and y’all know who that is it’d be nice to Yolanda bringing home some west side money via selling the best tacos Austin Texas has ever seen.

Let’s hope that the words of Gustavo Arrelano don’t prove to be prophetic. Our piece from the archives titled “Gourmet trucks are hip and all the rage, but all of you are idiots.” Ask A Mexican! On Food Carts

This will be great opportunity for Austin to show and prove that we’re a step ahead of the rest of USA when it comes to being an inclusive community of food lovers. Let’s not leave the pioneers of the movement on the sideline for these events.

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