Wiley’s Old Fashioned Bar-B-Que and Burgers is a relative youngster in the world of Texas smoked meat at not even twenty years of age. But with some of owner Buford Wiley’s pits clocking in with thirty plus years of service, you’d never know it. It takes decades for a pit to attain the proper patina of soot, smoke and grime, and Wiley’s collection {there are 5 of them} is good and seasoned. Coach Wiley {he attained that descriptor from decades of service at Dunbar High School} has a good outfit running over in East Lubbock. If you’re out in West Texas make sure you try his pork ribs. They’re coach Bobby Knight’s favorite item on the menu and Wiley’s is the recalcitrant Knight’s favorite Lubbock barbecue house.

No word on what happens if Knight orders ribs and they’re sold out for the day. Maybe a big Baby Huey-esque tantrum? We read that he had a brawl with the president of Texas Tech over some shortages on a local salad bar awhile back so we’re not putting anything past him.

Like a lot of barbecue houses in the Deep South, we noted that many of the patrons were not eating smoked meat. Most of the eaters had plates piled high with fresh fried catfish and/or hamburgers. Next visit, we’re getting that fried fish as it was absolutely gorgeous.

We ran the table on Lubbock barbecue earlier this year and Wiley’s was near the top of the heap. Is that like being the best ballerina in Galveston? Let’s just say that those pork ribs could be served on plenty menus in Central Texas and nobody would be the wiser.

We’ll leave it at that.

200th piece we’ve penned on barbecue y’all. Thanks for making this category the most popular on the site {neck and neck with Austin Daily Photo}.


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