Tumblr now has 50 million blogs and 20 billion posts.

It has almost doubled in size since last fall. Back in September 2011, the blogging service hosted 28 million blogs containing a total of 10 billion blog posts. Today, Tumblr has passed 50 million blogs, and its users have produced more than 20 billion blog posts {from http://royal.pingdom.com/}-bear in mind this is from April of 2012- a million years ago in our modern, frenetic world.

But when you type in Austin,Texas there’s barely any movement. It’s kind of pitiful.

We’re on WordPress, Pinterest, Cold fusion, Twitter etc. but when it comes to the pure enjoyment of the form-nothing compares to Tumblr.

It’s the king of the micro-blogging, social media scene.

Check out Tumblr y’all. It’s a blast, easy to use and there are a multitude of accounts that are riveting.

If this post gains traction we’ll start putting up some of our favorites. And if you’re on Tumblr let us know. We’re always looking for new folks to follow and interact with.



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