We’re still waiting on Dan to patch things up with Fran so they can unite their hamburger restaurants and form a Texas beef coalition that could overpower the national chains like 5 Guys that keep popping up in Austin.

For non-Austin based readers: Austin has two burger outfits run by formerly married people; Dan and Fran. The debate is endless over who puts out better burgers and what went down in their marriage that caused it to hit the skids lo those many years ago. We’ve heard some bloodcurdling rumors over that breakup but this is not the appropriate forum to discuss those shattered vows.

We only make it by Dan’s Hamburgers about once a year {for the record, it’s our preference} but when we do, we’re always fed well with a giant, well-charred burger from Dan’s ancient flat-top griddle. We have a thing for old waitresses and Dan’s really delivers on this front. Gum snapping,support-hose wearing grannies run Dan’s and that’s just how we like it.

Any snoopy courthouse workers reading? We’d love to get our hands on the paperwork from the divorce decree. A gratis meal at Dan’s hangs in the balance-just to sweeten the pot.

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