Back in the swing. We managed to get sixteen articles up this week documenting the Austin, Texas food scene as best we could. It feels good to be home. Work abroad {the Deep South}, meant we were out of Texas for almost 3 weeks so it’s nice to be back in hot, dusty, crowded Austin.

In fourteen short weeks, October will be here and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Another Austin summer will be in the books. For now, the icy depths of the Paramount Theater beckon along with many midnight hang-out sessions on the hidden patios of East Austin’s most obscure coffee shops and bars. Without further ado: Our weekly top 5. 1} At the end of a long roadtrip, it’s always difficult to decide between breaking the Texas-food fast with Tex Mex or barbecue

2} We visited Weatherup, the new East Austin cocktail bar freshly migrated from New York City. After filing a report we got dropkicked into the middle of the next week for our efforts

3} Sucker punched and cold-cocked trying to eat at Paul Qui’s East Side King

4} A meal at one of the longest running, most expensive restaurants in Austin

5} Our recipe posts are normally slow out of the gate, but for long term interest, they can’t be topped. We pen a formula for catfish and grits!/RLReevesJr

Last week’s top 5

thanks for bearing with us y’all, we’re continually amazed at the volume of traffic this site receives over the course of a week. We appreciate you.

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