Hot off the grill, the Bandera quail is one of the best bites of food I’ve put in my mouth this year. The charred crispy skin gives way to juicy, just-cooked inner flesh. Daubs of prickly pear barbecue sauce are completely unnecessary but also utterly delicious. Four Seasons rolled out the welcome wagon last night via a 3 course media dinner inside Trio, the restaurant tucked away inside Austin’s most opulent hotel.

It’s long been my favorite, fancy cafe in Austin and I try to get by at least a couple times a year for a leisurely brunch on the banks of the nearby Colorado River. When I say leisurely I mean it. I’m surprised they haven’t profiled me and put the ban down, as I generally camp out for 2-3 hours and gorge myself senseless on caviar, ostrich, prime rib and a multi-course tasting of the twenty or so fresh seafoods they put out.

Washed down with a dozen or so mimosas, this is one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Former Trio chef Todd Lenoir has found great success south of the river at his eponymous restaurant on South First Street. He’s turning people away due to the huge crowds and the formula for his success has been offering 3 courses for $35.

Trio is about to walk down the same path. They’ll be offering 3 courses for $36 and if you mention “I live here I give here” they’ll donate 10% of the bill total to the non-profit of the same name. Win win. Want to go even higher on the hog and veer off the special menu? They’ll still donate the percentage as long as you utter the magic words.

To sweeten the deal, sommelier Mark Sayre’s is offering to match small pours with the courses for an extra fourteen bucks.

I drank enough dry Riesling last night to stare long and hard at a bottle of Adelbert’s I’ve been bottle conditioning in my fridge for the past few months. A little hair of the dog would’ve went down good after partying so hard in the hotel last night.!/RLReevesJr

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