I wonder how many of the other bikers have ridden 4k miles in the past 3 weeks? I’ve just wheeled into Cindy’s Gone Hog Wild, the biker bar near Little Thailand in Garfield, Texas and the parking lot is packed with shiny new Harleys.

I’ve seen dozens of trailer queens [nice bikes on trailers being pulled by late model Chevy pick-up trucks] over the past few hundred miles and I reckoned they were being dragged into town so the operators could ride around Austin during the ROT biker rally. They wouldn’t want to ride their bike all the way from Houston to Austin.

The ROT used to be fairly gritty, but in the past few years the chiropractors who fancy themselves bikers have taken it over. The old days when Chuy would ride in from Sonora on a straight pipe Flathead are largely over.

Cindy’s burned to the ground on Christmas day a while back so it’s good to see her operation back in full swing. The bar is enormous with a load card running upwards of a thousand people. Like any good biker bar the staff is a gang of young girls in Daisy Dukes whipping amongst the tables, making sure the drinker’s needs are being met. A band is tuning up out back but I’ll be gone before they start flailing away at their instruments.

A Lonestar will set you back $3 which nowadays is considered a bargain. There’s a grill at work too as many of the men have burgers sitting in front of them. A sign outside trumpets “Best Burger On 71.”


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