Justice was served today in Travis County, Texas. Steven Lawrence Keller was convicted of aggravated robbery in his assault of Merri Gale Hieger, in front of Liberty Bar on east 6th street in Spring of 2011. Local media were all over the case last year as Liberty Bar had just installed security cameras that recorded the brutal, blind-side, knock-out punch. Without the surveillance footage it’s unlikely that the brigand Keller would’ve been captured.

The drum beat was intense however. The video was posted on Youtube and local news outlets played it over and over. Blown up still images of the beating were printed out and pasted all over the downtown area.

Keller was on the run.

But, unlike a good fugitive in an old Lee Marvin movie, Keller didn’t run very far. He was pinched at Fuel, a bar perhaps ten blocks west of the site of the mugging.

Credit Fuel bouncer, Omar Mamoe for dropping dime and fingering Keller. He spotted the hoodlum and flagged down a cop who made the arrest.

Robby Lynn Keller, the father of the defendant, provided crucial, if reluctant, testimony that the man in the video was indeed his son.

And Merri Gale Hieger, the poor girl who was just trying to get a plate of Paul Qui’s beet fries? She’s looking on the bright side. When queried about being sucker punched she said “I don’t have a haunting image of a guy or a big fist coming at me.”

We’ll update this post when Keller is sentenced.

more in the Statesman http://www.statesman.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/courts/entries/2012/06/12/the_liberty_bar_punchandrun_tr.html

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