An A-list of Austin food celebrities is baking pies in their kitchens to donate to an auction benefiting Colleen Sommers of Pie Fixes Everything. As has been documented here before, Ms. Sommers has cancer and all monies collected at this event will go toward treatment.

This pie auction is in tandem with the Pies and Pigs party to be held at Springdale Farms this Thursday June 14th {full coverage} Here’s the list of pies you may bid on:


Addie Broyles (Austin 360)

Alain Braux (PeoplesRx)

Brandon Martinez (Noble Pig)

Bud Royers (Royers Cafe)

Cecilia Nasti (Field & Feast)

Colleen Sommers (Pie Fixes Everything)

Eric Silverstein (The Peached Tortilla)

Janina O’Leary (Trace)

Jessica Maher (Lenoir)

Jodi Elliott (Foreign & Domestic )

John Bates (Noble Pig)

Karen Morgan (Blackbird Bakery)

Kendall Melton (Contigo)

Laura Sawicki (La Condesa)

Olivia O’Neal (Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop)

Philip Speer (Uchi / Uchiko)

Reina Morris (Buenos Aires Cafe)

Sonya Cote (Hillside Farmacy / Eastside Showroom)

Soraiya Nagree (La Patisserie)

Taff Mayberry (Olivia / Lucy’s Fried Chicken)

Virginia Wood (The Chronicle)


Good to see Virginia Wood dusting off the ol rolling pin and hitting the kitchen, we hear that she was quite the baker back when Moses was young. And Addie Broyles too? We can’t wait to see what an Ozark gal can do in the kitchen.

Austin’s food community looks after its own and this groundswell of support is stupendous. We look forward to seeing everybody out this Thursday.!/RLReevesJr

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