The superb food website Roadfood is holding a contest and the prize is an entire Louie Mueller brisket delivered to your doorstep!

Details: For the past 4 years Michael Stern, one of the preeminent men of American food letters, has hosted a festival in New Orleans celebrating the culinary backroads of USA.

He cajoles numerous, off-the-beaten-path restaurants to come to Louisiana for a food party unlike any other. But he has a problem. He’s unhappy with the name of the festival. New Orleans Roadfood Festival sounds just fine from where we sit, but Mr. Stern wants something more catchy.

Names considered but not adopted have been “Taste America!”, “Chow Down America!”, “Good Cooks, Good Grub Festival,” and “American Soul Food Fest.”

Think you’ve got a prize winning title for the festival?

Here’s a hot link to the competition:

Good luck y’all. And check out the scrumptious team over that way too. We’ve been on the site for years.

Our homage to the might Roadfood site

more Texas bbq coverage!/RLReevesJr

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