Coming off almost 3 weeks without a bite of Texas barbecue, I knew I needed to make the most of being re-baptized in brisket, fat, salt and smoke. After a long hard slog out of Louisiana {it took 21 hours to get to Fayette County, Texas} I was utterly famished, but I punched through one final thunderstorm and wheeled into Peter’s Barbecue a half hour before they closed. I love this place. Yes, they use a Southern Pride smoker out back, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter. Pit boss Peter worked for the Mikeska family for decades before getting his own operation rolling and he definitely knows his way around a pit.

I ordered a large, sliced brisket sandwich and made my way to the accoutrements bar to hoist a couple fistfuls of white, sweet onion and sour pickles onto the plate. A cup of tangy/sweet barbecue sauce rounded out the plate.

I remembered Peter’s as having hand-cut fries and they do-but you have to ask for them. If you just say fries you get the kind from the freezer bag, but they will cut an honest potato for you and give it a dip in some hot fat if you specify.

Peter’s is a classic, road-side Texas barbecue house. It’s old, slightly beat-up and filled with all sorts of Texana arcana. When you’re coming off a trip that carried you far away from the Great State and its attendant virtues of world class barbecue, this little joint is as welcoming as a mother’s hug.

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