Finally back home in Texas.

No matter how great the place is that I visit, I always want to get off my bike and kiss the ground upon my return.

The past 3 weeks were hectic. Now that the Istanbul book has been put to bed, I’m hot after some other projects that are very promising. During the course of the trip, I interviewed fifteen rural Kentucky chili cooks for a book documenting the vanishing rural chili parlors and pool halls of the eastern part of the state. I never thought I could get sick of chili but it was close.

On the trip back to Texas, I veered off to New Orleans and visited ten of the city’s finest coffee houses and cocktail bars, for two separate projects. I have a deep and abiding love of the Crescent City and it was amplified by these two ventures.

Now without further ado: Top 5 Scrumptiouschef articles this week.

1] Established in 1915, one of my favorite bars in New Orleans

2] Po Boys in New Orleans are like tacos in Austin

3] A spritely lass just north of Austin apparently got a nose full of cocaine and decided to make a Starbucks run

4] Grass fed, sustainable beef is all the rage

5] Bleu Cheese is one of the greatest foods ever conceived of, we give it its due

and last week’s top 5

Thanks for your forbearance as this site veered seriously off the Austin, Texas food scene path these past couple weeks. We will now continue with our regular coverage.!/RLReevesJr

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