Lexington, Kentucky has come a long ways since the days of my youth when a visit to the city featured a long afternoon at Aladdin’s Castle {Vanguard, Defender, Robotron!}, kielbasa, baked potato and the signature orange drink from Orange Julius, then a trip to the move theater to see what was hot way back when [Brazil, Commando!]

Back then, Lexington was a two horse town {Keeneland and the UK Wildcats} and offered little else. But now the state’s 2nd biggest city is all grown up.

I’m openly pining for a place to sit back and have a pint of beer, a couple nights ago at my sister’s house near Woodland Park, when she announces that a brand new beer bar has opened near her house and she’d be happy to check it out with me. The Beer Trappe is the kind of upmarket draft bar that would feel right at home in Chicago or Austin. The walls are lined with beer for sale by the bottle and the bar is righteously outfitted with a host of taps from USA, Belgium and Central Kentucky’s burgeoning craft beer scene.

They announce last call as I’m weighing my options, at 11pm-after all, Lexington will always be Lexington, so I hurry up and ask the barkeep for a Bluegrass Brewing Company Saison Farmhouse Ale.


I know nothing of the company save for the fact that they’re out of Louisville but this is one dynamite ale. It pours like liquid copper and starts off delivering lots of fruit and flowers but then finishes bone dry. I’m not sure what the abv is but this beer seems like a very amiable session beverage.

Since I’m a sipper, I only get to have one brew before everybody in Lexington turns into pumpkins, but when I make my way back to the Bluegrass State I can’t wait to go to the Beer Trappe and work my way through more of their vast menu.

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