Spalding's Bakery In Lexington Kentucky

Spalding’s Bakery In Lexington Kentucky

Where’s a donut lassie when you need one?

National Donut Day was created by The Salvation Army to honor the gals, nicknamed donut lassies {can’t believe there wasn’t a riot girl band named that}, who fed the sweet treats to soldiers during World War I.

Apparently the wheels of honorifics turn slowly, as the holiday was not established until 1938. World War I ended in 1919, as best we recall. We started our celebration early by visiting one of the great southern bake shops: Spalding’s Bakery in Lexington, Kentucky. This classic mom n pop was opened in 1929 by Bowman and Zelma Spalding. Eighty plus years later the family business is still running good and strong and their sweets are as fine as any you will ever taste.

The Spalding Family showed some serious fighting spirit back in the mid double aughts when long time donut man James Spalding was robbed and pistol whipped at the old location in downtown Lexington. A lesser family might have hung up the fryolators but not the Spaldings. They came back stronger than ever and if you’re not in there by noon you’re simply not going to get a donut.

vintage image of a donut lassie!

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