When I sell out I really sell out. Breakfast at the country club with the landed gentry? Just another facet to go with the thousands of facets I already feature. Generally speaking, country club food tends to run towards the inedible end of the spectrum. Except when it doesn’t.

I still have nightmares of a wedding function hosted at a country club years ago where dijon mustard was apparently the only seasoning weapon in the poor chef’s arsenal. Still cannot eat the stuff. But breakfast last week, deep in the piney woods of east Texas was splendid. The fried eggs were perfectly over medium, the sausage was fine and the biscuits? Flaky wonders. Big bonus was an ancient chain smoking waitress who honey lambed us half to death.

Don’t gas up the Taurus and point toward Hawkins just yet though. Holly Lakes Ranch is strictly for the gentry. Members only y’all. I swooped in when they least expected me and had the ultimate cover: a real live member of the gated community that surrounds the club.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get at a fresh biscuit.

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