Crowbar the butcher is breaking a hog down into saleable parts. His pace and precision are exceptional. Earlier, I watched the process of a hog being brought into the kill room, dispatched, bled out, then broken into primals.

The whole process took less than 20 minutes.

I stop into Roark Meats perhaps once a year when I’m visiting friends and family in Eastern Kentucky. I love to take a peek behind the scenes and watch the butchery in motion as it is a sight to behold. Crowbar is a real talent and a dying breed. The old timey country butchers are fading fast and when their kind is gone they won’t be coming back.

Roark Meats is a slaughterhouse, meat packer and meat retail seller. I utilize them for pork chops, ribeyes, briskets, pork shoulders and bacon. They sell a wide variety of other meats, but these are the items I’ve honed in on over the years, and they’re as good a quality as what you would find in a major American city.

the google map feature is not working for this business, here’s a link to an accurate map

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