Posting may be a bit more sporadic this week as I’m traveling. I’m on a research run for two new writing projects: one concerns regional chili specialties, the other is a location-based cocktail project. Neither are Austin related so I’ll be contributing to our food scene’s weal from afar.

Without further ado; the weekly top 5: 1] Austin is waiting for the arrival of Izzo’s Illegal Burrito, a Louisiana-based corporate Mexican food chain. The trouble is, Austin’s waiting with a rusty shank in one hand, and a #10 can of tomatoes-distended with botulism, in the other.

2] We told the tale of a murder saga that began in an East Austin nightclub and ended down a darkened road in Williamson County. Crime reporting:

3] SceneTap, the Austin-based wireless surveillance company that likes to set up covert cameras in Austin nightclubs, spread its wings to San Francisco. The good folks out in SF went ballistic

4] Salty Sow, finally, finally opened it’s doors to the public

5] And I enlisted the aid of the men over on the Shaggybevo food board; GM Steakhouse, for a barbacoa project

thanks for checking out the site y’all.

last week’s top 5

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