Light on the hospitality.

We dutifully returned our judges form through the USPS and showed up ready to perform our duties down in Seguin, Texas for the Texas ladies state championship chili cook-off.

It all went down hill from there.

No point in detailing the comedy of errors that followed, but suffice to say, this will be the last time we go to this particular affair.

We left hungry. And were actually scolded by one woman when we queued up at a table that was groaning under the weight of several hundred pounds of food.

We’re still trying to imagine the lack of graciousness that we experienced at this cook-off happening at a barbecue competition. You can’t walk ten feet at a barbecue cook-off without somebody trying to give you a beer and a plate of brisket or ribs.

Thankfully Tejano Taco sprang to our rescue with some of the best flour tortillas and barbacoa this side of San Antonio. If you’re ever in Seguin, check ’em out. They put 99% of Austin’s taquerias to shame.

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