Tex-Mex cooking empress Sylvia Casares is nearly healed up after being gunned down in March of this year, allegedly by boyfriend Michael Warren.

After shooting Casares, Warren reportedly stole Casares SUV and made a dead run for the Louisiana border, apparently successfully returning to his hometown of Lafayette, before returning to Texas with the aid of family.

Bad move. The posse was hot on his trail, and finally caught up to him in Rosenberg, Texas where he’d gone to ground at the Palace Inn.

The old double-back trick, largely effective in vintage cartoon reels, didn’t play out so well for the shooter.

Brownsville native, Ms. Casares is solid Tex-Mex gold in Houston with 2 restaurants as well as a food truck. She’s also planning on publishing a cookbook next year: “The Enchilada Queen’s Tex-Mex Cookbook”

Want to show the Enchilada Queen some love?

On Thursday, May 24 2012 the Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen located at 6401 Woodway Drive is going to throw a party where the Queen will hold court, unveil the cover of the aforementioned cook book and presumably, soak in some much needed love from her acolytes. Here’s a google map to the restaurant:


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