While there is nothing I’d rather do than spend an entire day in the kitchen crafting a recipe into being, sometimes I have to bang out a quick lunch and get back to the affairs of the day.

Like today.

Multiple writing projects are bowing me to the ground right now so I barely have time to wolf down a sandwich and get back to the Underwood.

But I still have to eat well. I can knock out a tuna sandwich in no time flat so I hit the kitchen running full bore and 10 or so minutes later I was on the business end of the beauty in the picture.

Standard sides: Grippo Potato Chips, ice cold dill pickle and bottle of Topo Chico.

recipe: the best tuna salad you’ll ever put in your mouth http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2010/8/30/What-Chefs-Eat-When-We-Cook-at-Home-Part-1

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