Entering a crowded, hyper-competitive market in any segment of the business world is always going to be fraught with peril. When you announce your entrance by filing a lawsuit on a popular player in that market, well, you’ve given yourself a tough row to hoe.

Welcome to Austin, K & F Restaurant Management Limited Liability Corporation dba Izzo’s Illegal Burrito. Hope you like the Texas weather out this way. We predict it’s going to be a hot summer this year. As this Louisiana-based Mexican food concern prepares to enter Austin, we surveyed the city to ponder where they’d set up shop.

Probably not going to be on South First Street, because that’s where the Austin, Texas favorites; Izzoz Tacos are plying their trade. Make that Mellizoz Tacos, as they’re no longer allowed to call themselves Izzoz due to the lawsuit filed on behalf of K & F Restaurant Management Limited Liability Corporation by McGlinchey Stafford PLLC.

A lawsuit won by Izzo’s Illegal Burrito.

A win but at what cost?

Will this ultimately be a pyrrhic victory or will Austin’s eaters embrace a Mexican restaurant chain from Louisiana? We keep waiting on a red beans and rice chain to spring up in Lubbock and march into New Orleans, file lawsuit on Li’l Dizzy’s and set up shop in the Crescent City.

We’ve been covering this case since we first got wind of it.

Back in November of last year we penned the following stunning account as news broke http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/11/13/Corporate-Louisiana-Mexican-Chain-Invades-Texas-First-Order-Of-Business-File-Lawsuit-On-Austinites?adminview=true

then Chip Corcoran, long-time Austin journalist, broke news of Austin’s Izzoz Tacos being bested in the courtroom http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/4/15/Austin-Texas-Based-Izzoz-Tacos-Set-To-Change-Name-In-Wake-Of-Izzos-Illegal-Burritos-Lawsuit?adminview=true and we were all over it.

What’s your take Austin?

Have any of our readers eaten at Izzo’s Illegal Burrito?

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