They’re starting to get the smoker dialed in down at Live Oak Barbecue on e. 2nd street.

The barbecue on our first few visits was unlikely to divert anyone from making runs to Taylor or Lockhart, but as of late, the meat coming off the pit is showing some real gains.

Particularly the brisket. Ask for it black and fatty. If you don’t request the treasured bark, it’s going to be in short supply.

This is one of the few smokehouses in town where we’ll get a brisket sandwich. We order a half pound of beef, then build it ourselves with light bread and onions.

Sitting out back on the deck with the morning paper and a cold beer is a fine way to take a mid-day respite. No, you’re not going to mistake the barbecue for John Mueller-level anytime soon, but Live Oak is a good little neighborhood spot for a quick meat lunch.

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