Sometimes if you want your brisket done right you got to do it yourself. Pictured: Roughly half of a 12 pound brisket, hot off a big hickory fire built out back. The other half of the brisket is off camera, in the fridge, waiting to be seasoned, ground and converted into brisket sausage.

Brisket sausage. Most pit bosses in Central Texas use bull meat for their handmade sausage and it works real good. But every now and again we like to get fancy and grind the flat end of the brisket up, blend it with hog fat trimmings, pour the cayenne and black pepper to it, then stuff it into hog gut casings and throw it on the smoker.

This is what we’ve dubbed the “Central Texas Hot Guts Project,” lots of information out there on this endeavor.

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