Update 9/12/12
Authorities continue to express amazement that Faiq has continually not shown up for multiple hearings since being indicted and making bail. Really.


Karim Faiq, of the Yassine Enterprises consortium that is up on a litany of charges in the Austin, Texas nightclub scandal that rocked the downtown set, didn’t show up for his court appearance today.

Mike Yassine and Steve Yassine, the two jailed brothers who are regarded as the linchpins of the operation, can’t be too happy about that. They’ve been denied bail numerous time as they have been deemed a flight risk by judge Sam Sparks. Now that one of the members of their crew has turned jackrabbit, it doesn’t bode well for future bond hearings.

The Yassine Enterprises bars scattered about downtown Austin are shuttered. Prior to their closure they were in arrears to the state of Texas for 2 million dollars.

That’s a lot of $3 you hollers at Treasure Isle, one of their longest running bars. Judge Sam Sparks didn’t fall off the turnip truck prior to donning his robes. He’s well aware of the resources the caged Yassine brothers have and he’s not going to let them out of custody, period.

Their trial date is now set for October. They’ll be eating baloney sandwiches and playing uno between now and then, maybe dreaming of Jacques Becker’s brilliant jail break film “Le Trou.”


and a hat tip to Gary Dinges over at the Statesman. That guy’s been a bloodhound on this saga and is doing yeoman journalistic work for our daily paper.

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