We got word that Shep’s Barbecue up in Palestine, Texas was putting out some good smoked meat so we figured the best thing to do would be to gas up the Econoline and hit hwy 79 running full-bore.

It’s only 200 miles up there, so 2.5 hours later we were pulling into Shep’s parking lot. The buzz was palpable and the dining room was filled with eaters, most of them the man-mountain-style, lifelong barbecue lover types. These citizens were physically impressive with most diners weighing in at well over 250lbs and not a few of these ajaxes tilting toward 400. We ran the table on the meats and the pork ribs took centerstage with the perfect amount of good smoke and the always desired slight gnaw needed to get the flesh off the bone.

Pictured: The nexus of the operation, a high dollar smoking machine, hunkered down out back of the restaurant.

Shep’s is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Palestine, Texas region. We were treated well and those pork ribs could be served in Austin to good effect.

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