Another big week in Austin food.

Off this site, I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the guide to dining in Istanbul, as well as creating content for an iphone and android app that concerns itself with the Austin Texas Barbacoa trail. I’ll keep y’all posted on both these projects as they come closer to fruition.

Here are the top 5 Austin, Texas food stories this week.

1] Unsurprisingly, the tale of an acid bomb being detonated in a north Austin restaurant went through the roof in page views 2] Tony Bourdain came to East Austin to visit Raymond Tatum’s Three Little Pigs food trailer-left without bothering to eat

3] There’s a brand new coffee shop in the woods of deep, East Austin. If you like pour-overs, creekside dining and a nearby Mississippi soul food joint then you might like it

4] The shit keeps getting deeper for the locked-up Yassine Enterprises brothers.

5] Day one on the Austin,Texas beef fajita taco trail

Thanks for checking out the site y’all. We’re happy to have you.

last week’s top 5

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