When the New York Times came to Austin years back, to do a feature on our ping pong scene, they quickly vectored in on the best Vietnamese joint in town; Tam Deli.

We figured the tiny cafe would blow up after they hit the pages of the paper of record, and we were right. Business had been good before but after the ping pong piece, it got hard to get a seat.

One of the reasons we keep going back, year after year, is the damn deep fried garlic butter shrimp banh mi. As a sandwich, it’s one of the finest in town, and as a mantra you can just repeat the words over and over again. They’ll get you through the tough times.

Modern Austin is filled with Vietnamese cafes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, with most occupying the territory somewhere in between. Tam Deli glides above the fray, serenely looking down on all involved.

The queen of the scene.

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