Right as SXSW was grinding to a halt, one moment before the wheels would’ve come off and Austin would’ve imploded into a cloud of Texas-shaped stardust, we wandered by Raymond Tatum’s Three Little Pigs food trailer and lo and behold; he was open.

It being a Sunday this made for a very happy and surprised group of eaters [he’s normally closed on the Lord’s Day].

Despite SXSW having officially ended the evening before the streets of East Austin were teeming with people and we were quickly joined by 20 or so other happy eaters, all celebrating this stroke of good fortune.

Then it got weird. A blacked-out Chevy Suburban slowly rolled through the parking lot, the air became charged with an odd electrostatic vibe and it became evident that star power was afoot.

A man exited the truck and began sniffing around, making some roundabout queries, we quickly surmised that Anthony Bourdain was nearby but fearful.

Why? He’d been in town the past few days, [famously] stood in line at Franklin Barbecue, not so famously, eaten at John Mueller Barbecue that very morning and was probably interested in vectoring in on one of the hottest food trailers west of the Mississippi.

All for naught. Frightened like a little bunny, his little pink bunny nose sniffing danger, he instead retired to Contigo [reportedly] and thus leaving behind what could’ve been an epic telling of one of Austin’s great, multi-decades, long, food stories; the life and times of Raymond Tatum.

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