One of the better examples of the beef fajita form can be found at Janitzio down on Riverside Drive. We’d love to know what the name of the fruit is they use in the marinade as it’s unholy in its deliciousness.

Of course we can’t live by beef fajita alone so we also have to have a bowl of their preternaturally skillful take on tortilla soup.

Weak link? Store bought tortillas. The bane of non-top tier Mexican restaurants. But still, Janitzio puts out some very good taqueria food. The queso is as we like it; thin with plentiful chiles, the refrieds are rich with manteca and the crew running the joint could not be nicer.

Used to be, whenever we came off a trip that had carried us beyond the borders of our beloved Texas, we made Janitzio our first taco meal upon our return.

That honor now belongs to La Fruta Feliz.

However, we still make it down to Riverside Drive a few times a year for a brace of beef fajita tacos, a bowl of tortilla soup and a little monkey dish of that hot queso. If we’re in luck they’ll have some lucha libre on the big screen tv and a band of vaqueros all hollering while Psychosis or El Generico dust each other off with a few topes and/or planchas.

It makes for a nice supper.

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