Sign posted on the door at former Yassine Enterprises showcase club Roial: “The Comptroller of Public Accounts has seized this property for non-payment of taxes, penalty or interest due to the State of Texas,it is against the law to enter, dismantle, take possession of or remove anything from this property.”

We’d been waiting for the state of Texas to make a move on the nightclubs that were shuttered earlier this year in the wake of the Yassine Enterprises scandal that rocked the Austin nightlife community. We provided extensive coverage of the affair here

The Yassine brothers [Hussein Ali “Mike” Yassine, Mohammed Ali “Steve” Yassine and Hadi Ali Yassine] and their associates face a litany of charges ranging from cocaine distribution to money laundering. Allegations of ties to terrorist groups in the Middle East have also been leveled.

Bail has been denied to brothers Mike and Steve as they have been determined to be potential jack rabbits who’d probably high tail it out of the United States given the opportunity.

We’ll keep you posted as more information develops on potential new tenants at the former Roial.

Earlier this week we read on Twitter that Carmack Concepts, partially owned by “The Bachelor” Brad Womack, is preparing to convert one of the former Yassine Enterprises bars into “Bourbon Girl”.

The sharks are circling all the Yassine properties downtown. With prime downtown Austin vacancies being measured by hours or days, it won’t be long before there are a new crop of bars and nightclubs ensconced in these locations.

The Yassine nightclubs were an awful amalgamation of would-be trendy drinkeries each more hideous than the next. They will not be missed.


and more

more on Carmack Concepts new bar “Bourbon Girl”

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