With roots running all the way back to 1904, Prause Meat Market is one of the oldest barbecue houses in the great state. We’ve been riding down there to eat for years and always have ourselves a time in beautiful LaGrange, Texas.

Old-school pit boss Monroe Schubert has been manning the pits since he was a young buck way back in the mid 1960s. He’s one of the finest meat men our state has ever known. We go here for scratch sausage, hand-sliced steaks for the fridge and to dine in one of the last places in Texas where you can get hot, bone-in beef brisket.

We don’t eat side dishes when we’re at barbecue but we do make an exception for Prause’s excellent sour cream-based potato salad which is loaded with house made bacon. It’s worth a trip to LaGrange in and of itself.

The room is a time capsule, the Prause family as friendly as they can be, and just outside the door is the LaGrange town square, one of the prettiest small Texas town centers you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Daniel Vaughn recently reported that Prause Meat Market is for sale. This news saddens us but we’re hopeful that the prospective buyer will honor the traditions of the Prause family.

And keep Monroe Schubert on the pit.

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Open Mon-Wed & Fri 7am-5:30pm

Thur 7am-1pm,

Sat 5:30am-1pm.

Sun closed

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