From the old tv show Twin Peaks “…if you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.”

And the barista at the new coffee joint seemed so friendly too.

We’re not sure what relationship Black Lodge Coffee has with the old David Lynch psychodrama Twin Peaks. Frankly, we’re afraid to ask. We don’t require much of our morning cup. We need a barista who won’t lunge across the counter to throttle us, we need caffeine in the cup, we can’t pay a usurious charge as we need a few cups a day, each day of the month and lastly we prefer an outdoor setting.

We don’t require much.

Black Lodge is the newest entry in Austin’s super-competitive, ultra-crowded coffee shop scene. It’s downmarket which is how we prefer to take our morning starter. Perched on the edge of an enormous drainage ditch, the whole of the shop can barely hold two workers, a box of donuts and the apparatus to do pour overs.

If you don’t like the pour over style then keep right on driving as this is not an espresso shop.

A cup will set you back $2.75 which puts Black Lodge in our special occasion coffee shop category. The pour is delicious, one of the better cups we’ve had in recent memory with the Rwanda beans practically singing with the flavor of fresh roasted berries.

Mrs Johnson’s provides the donuts.

Owner barista Amanda is a friendly gal who trained at Frank, the hotdog shop, before opening her own shop.

Occupying the same lot is Kiss My Grits, a deep south food trailer with a menu that reads like an homage to old New Orleans. We can’t wait to try the chef’s cuisine.

East Austin’s far east migration continues apace. This little enclave represents the eastern-most “downtown” feeling set-up of cart and cart that we’ve encountered yet.

On a recent morning visit both businesses were doing brisk business from people who were either walking up or riding up on bicycles illustrating that this is one chunk of Austin that is not yet being overserved.

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