I’ve been wary of food-based competitions since back in the 80s when my mom went down in flames in a rib eating contest up in Kentucky.

It wasn’t pretty.

But when I received a judges packet in the mail the other day from the Texas Ladies State Championship Chili Cookoff I knew it was time to put the old, bad memories to the side and do what I could to help the women folk of our great state out.

Southern gentleman. It was way back in 1970 that a group of outraged Texas women started the “Hell Hath No Fury” chili cookoff as a reaction to the chauvinistic men behind the Men’s State Championship which got its start in San Marcos.

Women were not allowed to compete in San Marcos. Hell, there were plenty men back then who thought women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or drive automobiles so why should they be allowed to compete in a chili competition?

Chili and barbecue were the domain of men back then. Nowadays women regularly compete against men in both of these traditionally male-dominated cooking spheres.

Ask Amber King what she thinks about this. We watched her whomp up on some of the best male pit bosses in the state last year up in Meridian Texas where she won the 2011 National Championship Barbecue Cookoff.

$20,000 was on the line.

In a nod to the future of chili in the great state this year there will be a “Junior Miss Chili Cookoff” as an adjunct event to the 42nd Texas Ladies State Championship Chili Cookoff to be held in Seguin this weekend.

I’ll be judging both. Holding the future of Texas chili in my hands is not a task that I take lightly. It’s with extreme gravitas that I approach this weekend’s cookoff.

This event will be held at Max Starcke Park, A 227 acre park located along the scenic Guadalupe River.

Here’s a hotlink to the schedule so you can block out your Saturday accordingly http://www.texasladiesstate.com/schedule.htm

Read “The Rules Of Texas Red Chili” http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2009/11/11/The-Rules-of-Texas-Red

Then read the recipe that will allow you to be a championship Texas chili cook http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2009/11/18/How-To-Make-Authentic-Texas-Red-Chili?adminview=true

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