Pictured: A mountainous pile of barbecue beef chuck ribs. Not pictured: a bunch of guys from Austin’s Shaggybevo board trundling enough food to feed the crowd at DKR on any given Saturday in the Autumn of the year.

We ate like kings yesterday at John Mueller’s barbecue party. A fun crowd of eaters and cooks all showed up on South First street to drink beer, listen to music, eat smoked meat and stand around jawboning for a few hours.

It was a time. Here’s the menu courtesy of Shaggybevo poster Luke Duke:

Wagyu ribeyes – John’s friend Marshall brought them, John cooked them

Goats – John Mueller and John Lewis

Beef Ribs – Mueller

Sausage – Mueller

Bacon Wrapped, Cream Cheese stuffed Jalapenos – Blain

Bacon Wrapped, Mango/Shrimp stuffed Jalapenos – jt

Beans – Blain

Pork Belly/Kim Chi Sliders – John Lewis

Gumbo – brisketexan

Boudin – brisketexan

Pork Loin – Marshal
Pork Butt – Marshall/Mueller

Pork Shoulder – Mike Sutter, former Statesman Restaurant Critic

Brisket – Luke Duke

Fire Eagle keg – Austin Beerworks

Yep, I’d say that was a pretty good little food party. We’ll do it again next year y’all.

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