Another big week in a seemingly endless series of big weeks in Austin’s food scene. As we brace ourselves for the Austin Food & Wine Festival lets take a moment to get caught up on the big stories that are happening right now.

1] If the soft opening at Swift’s Attic is any indication of what shall be coming out of the kitchen of chefs Matt Clouser and Zack Northcutt there will be a seismic shift in the rankings of Austin’s top kitchens. 2] In the former Parlor Pizza location on North Loop, the new Workhorse Bar is preparing to throw a serious party by bringing in a nearly 70 year old Texas barbecue house’s smoked meats

3] RL Reeves jr hit the kitchen to make his yearly batch of burgoo, a woodsman’s stew of gator, hog, frog, goat, chicken, deer, rabbit, steer and wild boar

4] We wrote an obituary for East Side Drive In

5] Now that Facebook has essentially been abandoned we’ve set up shop over on those barren grounds

Thanks for checking out the site y’all.

last week’s top 5

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