Gary Dinges over at The Statesman just released some interesting data regarding Austin based alcohol tax revenue for the state of Texas in February 2012. We are a vigorous, some might say sodden, community of drinkers buying well over a million dollars of alcohol per day-every day.

We reckon it must help with the torpor of Austin living.

Unsurprisingly, Barton Creek Resort came in in the number one spot filling their strong boxes with almost $350,000. The foppish dandies out that way must really like to tipple after a hard day’s work. Eddie V’s, recently sold to the Darden Restaurant group, was first among restaurants raking in around $281,000.

Chupacabra Cantina really knows how to milk the Facebook for all it’s worth offering password discounts on their page to people who like to wall walk over that way. We reckon that’s how they moved into the number one spot amongst liquor vendors on 6th street. Drop in for a Conquistador special and give them the scrumptiouschef code.

Perfect 10 Men’s Club in far north Austin rounded out the top ten list. It is said by local sages that this is both where strippers start their career as wildcats and finish their career as sabre tooths.

The jailed bar tycoons Mike and Steve Yassine of Yassine Enterprises number one performing bar out of their [former] empire was Roial with $11,000.

Is it just us or does that sound a mite low? That’s less than $500 bucks a day. Hell, there are coffee shops in town that are out performing those guys selling $1.50 cups of Texas Coffee Traders.

Overall Austin drinkers bought roughly 40.9 million dollars in alcohol during the short month of February. We can hardly wait to see the March figures to analyze the effects of SXSW.

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