I’m still trying to get the barbecue lunch we had at Miller’s Smokehouse in Belton, Texas recently out of my head.

Those Bell County country boys really know their way around a smoker.

We’re spoiled for good barbecue down here in the garden spot of central Texas, Travis county, but it’s looking like our neighbor to the north is finally starting to come into their own.

The brisket coming off the pit at Miller’s was damn fine but the Friday only pork ribs are the reason we’ll be pointing north toward Belton in the near future. We’re not sure who’s responsible for the miracle salve those hog bones had been anointed with-might’ve been owner Dirk Miller or his right hand man Robert Reid, but we do know they’re plenty enough reason to gas up the Econoline and drive an hour north to Belton.

Now if these Bell County boys could just inspire some of their Austin counterparts to start producing their own sausage in-house like they do at Miller’s.

Other than John Mueller Barbecue down in Bouldin Creek we can’t think of a single meat house in Austin proper that’s grinding and stuffing their own hog gut casings.

Any readers know of an Austin barbecue joint that’s still doing things the old fashioned way?

full report on Miller’s smoked meat output http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/4/5/Field-Report-Millers-Smokehouse-In-Belton-Texas

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