It’s the backbone of every high level kitchen in Austin, Texas. It’s what makes the difference in ordinary food and the sort that makes you feverish, tossing and turning at night, hoping and wondering when you’ll get your next bite.

It’s scratch stock made from roasted bones and it’s the backbone of my kitchen. I’m in the middle of a burgoo making session right now. I have a 12 quart kettle on the stove top filled with pork stock-based, burgoo in its reduction stage. Last night I smoked a big sack of bones [pig feet and necks] and started a kettle of stock before I went to bed.

I just sampled a spoon of the burgoo and was floored at how delicious it is. With no seasoning whatsoever. No salt, no pepper-nothing. The rich, meaty back notes of the stock are in full abundance in this stew and it’s nowhere near done yet.

If you want to amp up your prowess in the kitchen there’s an easy way to go about it: start producing your own stock. It may sound difficult but it’s not. It’s time consuming, yes, but it’s very rewarding and you can’t fathom how much it will improve your food.

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