“Daddy was a meat man” ask any of the Mikeska brothers [and they’re scattered all across Texas] what got them in the barbecue trade and that will be your answer.

John Mikeska was an icon to a certain generation, he raised a big family and the boys fanned out across the great state to ply the barbecue trade just like daddy.

We’re on a barbecue run up to Belton when we spot Clem Mikeska’s giant, modern restaurant that looks like any number of chains you might see along interstate highway exits across USA.

Not interested.

We like our barbecue a little more rough and tumble than what this big, fancy joint’s serving up.

But we are intrigued by the sign touting hamburgers. When the legendary Diamond Inn shuttered in Taylor, Texas a few years back the outfit’s two hamburger ladies migrated to Rudy Mikeska’s and continued practicing their craft til the restaurant shuttered.

We wonder if Rudy’s little brother Clem brought in these gals as fixers?

Certainly a food matter that bears investigating on the next run up to Belton, Texas.

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