Yes, dirt cheap beer from 50 taps is always nice but if you really want to pull in the hoi polloi there’s only one path to walk down; smoked meat.

Looks like Workhorse Bar is in it for the long run.

Saturday April 21st the brand new addition to North Loop’s restaurant/bar district [weird sounding but true] will be hosting a grand opening party with live music, cold beer and most importantly; barbecue. How serious are they? Well they’ve hired Lenox Barbecue out of Houston to cater the affair. Long time observers of Texas’ barbecue scene will remember the name from the dust-up over the half century plus old restaurant having to shutter for the light rail line project from a few years back.

Lenox Barbecue has subsequently morphed into a catering company.

We’re eager to try this outfit’s smoked meat as we never had a chance to visit the brick and mortar before the bulldozers came.

A plate will set you back five bucks.

Workhorse Bar’s grand opening begins at 2pm and is in conjunction with the big North Loop Spring Party held every year.

And if you hear anybody using the term NOLO to describe this neighborhood please feel free to grab a string, necktie or any other ligature and strangle the life out of them.

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