Finally managed to get inside the Wet Whistle, the new market that’s preparing to open on the northeast corner of MLK and Chicon.

They’re about 4 weeks out from opening and in the fashion of the new school of micro Austin markets are going to be specializing in all manners of local treats and sundries.

They’ll be selling lots of Austin area beers, sodas and other goodies with area farms being represented via weekend green grocer style sales in the parking lot. They hope to put a few taps of beer inside somewhere down the road as well.

There’s room outside the doors for table seating so let’s hope we’ll be able to reimagine Vienna cafe life on this very corner soon.

The rehab on the space looks incredible. The former, drab mini mart is going from ugly duckling to swan at an incredible pace.

East Austin is hungry for this sort of thing and we predict Wet Whistle will be doing big business the moment they get their doors flung open.

early report on the business that was error filled,sorry folks

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