Pictured is a nice hunk of queso Salvadorena, the legendary white grating cheese of El Salvador. This photo was taken just prior to the cheese being put to work powering a dozen huitlacoche tacos for a food party this past weekend. The musky rich huitlacoche and the nutty, creamy Salvadoran cheese make very fine companions, but this cheese is not just fit for jumping in the sack with a taco, it’ll bed down with a melting pot of other foods from the four corners of the earth.

I love to grate it over a bowl of freshly boiled linguini or angel hair pasta, I use it as a binder in meat loaf, it goes great over a plate of scrambled eggs and it’s my go to garnish for every kettle of borracho beans that comes out of my kitchen.

All the local Mexican grocery stores carry this delicacy in their refrigerator section. It ages really nicely too but I usually run through it so fast I only get to experience the fresh version.

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