We’re getting a headache.

The byzantine connections between the Houston Beer Fest people, the Austin Beer Fest People and now the Southern Craft Beer Conference are so convoluted that we’re reaching for a bottle of tequila and a handful of anacin as we speak.

Eater New Orleans is up on the scandal. Here’s a link http://nola.eater.com/archives/2012/04/04/southern-craft-beer-conference-coming-to-new-orleans.php

Now, a beer blogger from New Orleans “The Beer Buddha” is calling for a ban on the festival. Here’s a clip from a piece on the website: “The people that can’t run a beer fest properly in Houston or Austin want to hold a beer event here in New Orleans. Folks, I can’t let that happen. People have worked really hard here in New Orleans to establish our beer scene and I refuse to allow some Texans who have been run out of their own state to come into ours and use it to make some money. Not gonna happen.

I am calling for a ban of this event. These guys are just attempting to cash in on the growing craft beer experience and since they can’t do it in Houston or Austin they want to use New Orleans. We need to stand up and say no. That means breweries, distributors, bars, retail stores, bloggers and anyone else who enjoys craft beer. We need to unite and make sure this Southern Craft Beer Conference does NOT happen.”

Here’s a link to the blog http://www.thebeerbuddha.com/2012/04/ban-southern-craft-beer-conference.html

We provided a lot of coverage of the Austin Beer Fest debacle here http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/4/1/Dexter-Bayack–Brent-Villareal-What-Went-Wrong-At-Austin-Beer-Fest-At-Travis-County-Expo-Center

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