We finally found a source for huitlacoche in Austin, Texas; Fiesta Mart. After picking up a can a week or so ago we began pondering how we were going to utilize this rare, exotic food stuff in a recipe.

Enter huitlacoche tacos with green onions, nopalitos, crema Salvadorena, queso Salvadorena and chile seca sauce.

I’ll put the recipe up this week but for right now here’s a photo from a food party held in Austin, Texas last night to celebrate the birthday of Txoko brother Brian.

This photo also represents entry number 500 in our Austin Daily Photo series. We spend a lot of time taking pictures in Austin and the archive of those labors is now 500 strong.

previous huitlacoche coverage http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/3/29/Austin-Daily-Photo-Where-To-Buy-Huitlacoche-In-Austin-Texas-Fiesta-Mart

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