It’s Juan In A Million. It’s the redoubt of Juan Meza, owner of the crushing handshake and creator of Austin’s single most iconic taco; The Don Juan.

We’ve eaten here for years. Unfortunately, more for the social scene, than the actual cuisine. We do like to bring our out of town guests here on a busy morning so they can enjoy the boisterous side of Austin’s Tex Mex wake up call.

The mood borders on joyous. What to order? Steer clear of the Don Juan, as we wrote before; “The once stately taco has been reduced to a wreck of recklessly scrambled eggs with unseasoned boiled potatoes and low grade bacon. To make matters worse it’s all served on factory tortillas.”-and now to compound the problem it’s $4!

We were inspired by how bad this once grand taco had become to hit the kitchen and come up with a more exacting recipe

It’s incredible.

Play it safe here and get the huevos rancheros, sure the price is an outrage at $8 but it’s still a good version of the Tex Mex classic.

The carne guisada is commendable as well.

Otherwise….Juan In A Million is an institution. Yes, the food needs an overhaul but the family running the joint could not be nicer and the rowdy atmosphere is hard to beat as it often seems like Austin has gathered as one here for our morning meal.

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