We couldn’t resist dashing inside Salty Sow, the new restaurant from local moguls Larry Foles and Guy Villavaso of Hopdoddy Burger Bar.

No, they’re still not open but some of the workmen allowed as how they’re expecting to swing the doors open on April 24th 2012.

With the amount of stroke and cash reserves Foles and Villavaso have we don’t doubt that they’ll be able to open according to schedule. Red House Pizza had an unfathomably long run in the structure before the demolition crew came into to start converting the restaurant into Salty Sow.

We don’t say this lightly when we proclaim that Red House put the worst food we’ve ever experienced in Austin in front of us one night many years ago [http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/1/30/The-Long-East-Austin-Nightmare-Is-Over-Red-House-Pizza-Is-Closed]

Crusty old prospector-style Austinites will remember when John Mueller barbecue occupied the exact same building [http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/6/7/The-Definitive-Article-On-The-New-John-Mueller-Barbecue-Joint-Scrumptiouschef-Interviews-The-Legend]

We’re looking forward to sampling the cuisine of chef Harold Marmulstein who is reportedly in charge of the kitchen.

Everything Larry Foles and Guy Villavaso touch turns to gold as they’re known for doing business the right way.

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