We never have a good time at these things. The $35 entrance fee is invariably better spent buying $35 worth of Lagunitas at East End Wines then sprawling out in the backyard near a smoker filled with ribs and brisket.

We learned our lesson the hard way years back when Mexic Arte threw a Celebrate The Foods Of Mexico party that was so poorly run we considered executing a Tiger Driver on the president of the organization. Lots of Austinites made a bad judgement call yesterday and attended what may eventually be known as the worst festival Austin has seen since the first edition of the Gypsy Pic Nic Trailer Food Festival [http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/10/20/Details-Emerge-On-Gypsy-Picnic-Trailer-Food-Festivals-Plans-To-Prevent-Disastrous-Repeat-Of-2010].

Twitter is on fire with outrage.

A sampling:

@chukhell of http://chukhell.blogspot.com/ tweets “Glad I didn’t go to the #austinbeerfest. Sounds awful. Class action lawsuit awful. Shame on the promoters of this travesty.”

@Zymurology”Hope everyone remembers #austinbeerfest is a private run event, do not mistake it with Texas Craft Brewers Festival put on by actual brewers”

@themeredith “My thoughts on #austinbeerfest: disorganized, overpriced beers, and the music was awful. Re-do w/better planning next yr pls”

@lolareels “#AustinBeerFest is deleting negative Facebook posts at lightning speed. Good thing that they can’t delete tweets. #BadPRMove”

@btsjunkie “Pricing structure at #AustinBeerFest means you’ve got to drop $20 after paying normal $35 admission just to actually DRINK BEER. I’m done.”

[Did you attend Austin Beer Fest? Please describe your experience in comments below]. or on this updated post http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/4/3/Dear-Austin-Beer-Fest-Organizers-Your-Facebook-Apology-Doesnt-Cut-It-Now-Were-Getting-A-Rope?adminview=true

When news of this festival broke a couple months ago we read about the ties the Austin Beer Fest people have to the Houston Beer Fest [another debacle] organizers here http://houston.eater.com/archives/2011/08/03/austin-beer-fest-claims-no-affiliation-with-houston-beer-fest.php Promoter Dexter Bayack claims no affiliation but eventually admits Brent Villareal was part of the Houston event that had people hopping mad.

We’re certain that Dexter Bayack and Brent Villareal will be more than happy to issue full refunds to anyone who wasn’t fully satisfied with this event.

In reference to Tiger Driver: We’re not golf fans. Take 20 seconds of your life and watch a real Tiger Driver from Japanese pro wrestling great Mitsuharu Misawa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2MUUYRPAIM

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